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Australia is a modern country of immigrants, a strong proponent of the Administration and grass dwelling, protecting the environment, so here are each of a city as beautiful as the Garden. The 17,336,000 existing population, the United Kingdom and other European countries the immigrant population accounted for about 95% of the total, the official language is English. Christian residents accounted for 98%, a small number of people believe in Judaism, Islam and Buddhism.

Fashion Etiquette   服饰礼仪
     Australia, many men wear suits and ties, playing a black tie in formal occasions; many women to wear skirts all year round, while social occasions with a suit jacket. Youth prefer jeans, indigenous people are naked, or at waist scarf be binding, more about the indigenous people will also be put on scarf. Indigenous people of the decorations are rich and varied, there is Arms band, collar, put on his forehead, nose bone needles and so on, when the holiday will be applied in a variety of body color.


Communication etiquette     交际礼仪
     Are common to shake hands with the Australian way of greeting, hugging kissing is more rare and occurs in many women between friends. Time the concept of a strong Australian business and Date must be booking in advance to attend the appointment on time; private visit would bring presents, the most appropriate is a bouquet of flowers, a box of candy or a bottle of wine.
Australia's men carried on the traditional English gentleman's style of work, pay attention to "women first", the feelings are not exposed. Most men do not like hug or hold intimate shoulders like action; at social occasions yawn, stretch and other little tricks, it is very offensive to the eye, impolite behavior.


Dining etiquette     餐饮礼仪
     Australian to eat British West cuisine, the staple food for cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, eggs, animal protein
food, light taste, do not like greasy, to a large quantity of rich and famous. The main milk drinks, beer and coffee, not spicy food, and very interested in Chinese cuisine.

Wedding etiquette     婚丧礼仪
     In Australia, men and women generally have pre-marital betrothal, the man from the woman's parents entertained parents and siblings, to be held after the wedding banquet. Australian's funeral, many in the church held memorial ceremony presided over by the pastor, the country also maintains a complete silence of the ancient custom of widows.


Travel etiquette     旅游礼仪
     Australia popular tip, if the service personnel to provide you additional services, tipping may also be appropriate, but the number should not be many; not to bargain shopping; want to take a taxi must wear seat belts, or is illegal; the majority of the hotel phone 0 are outside call, dial 9 for the hotel switchboard.


 Major taboo主要禁忌
     Australian favorite animals are the kangaroo and bird-Qin, the former is considered the first master of the Australian mainland, while the latter is the state bird of Australia. Rabbit was not as auspicious animals, means that the bad luck came
     At the number, the influence of Christianity, and Australians of "13" and "Friday" extremely offensive.

     Know how to enjoy the outdoor life, enjoy the invitation of Australian friends and travel with carry, which is considered close bilateral relations are one of the shortcut. In social life, their willingness to protect the weak, and even the legal status of illegitimate children; Talk about race, religion, trade unions, personal life, class, status and so on, will cause their dissatisfaction.
     Australian national and dislike the United Kingdom will be linked everywhere, although many people have their own private existence of a relationship with the United Kingdom and talked about, but in a formal setting, but disgusted with the two mixed up.
     Australian dislike of "foreign" or "foreigners" such name, denied that this character, because people are different and should be treated differently, too general comparison impolite names.
     Make much noise in public places, in particular, people are calling every other door is the most loss, the most rude behavior. Australian extremely offensive noise in public places, local banks, post offices, bus stations and other public places are well-ordered.
     Australian Christians are Sunday's "Sunday", must therefore not to Date at its Sunday, it is not respect each other's act.